What is Video Streaming And How Does It Work ?

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What is Video streaming And How Does It Work ? – In earlier times, photos and text were used to explain anything on any website. Sometimes it was very difficult to explain something with the help of photos and text. In view of this, Video Streaming was developed. In order of this development, Google created a video streaming platform like YouTube which has become quite popular nowadays. Seeing this, its demand started increasing a lot and today people are putting good videos on it and many people are also earning a lot through it. In this article, we are going to tell you what video streaming is and how it works?

What Is Video Streaming ?

When we watch any video online on any website or application with the help of the Internet, it is called video streaming. Video streaming does not require downloading that video, rather it is run with the help of Internet. When you are streaming video and you will have good Internet Connection, then that video will play just as you watch a video on your TV.

However, you cannot control any video during live TV whereas during video streaming you can control very easily and play, Pause, Stop, Forward, Backward, etc. that video.

If you talk about video streaming platform then YouTube is considered to be the largest video streaming platform. Apart from this, many video streaming applications have now been launched such as: Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, etc. In these apps, you can do online streaming of any video with the help of Internet. If you do not have Internet Connection, then the streaming of videos in them cannot be done.

How Does Video Streaming Work ?

There are two types of video viewing facility available on the Internet, first by downloading any video file and second streaming it online with the help of Internet. If you download any video, then its process will be quite slow, it will depend on the speed of your Internet Connection. Apart from this, if you do video streaming, then you can start that video immediately. However, depending on the speed of Internet Connection, it depends on the quality of that video.

Actually, in Video Streaming, Video Packets are sent and received by the Internet with the help of Standard IP Protocol on the user’s request. That’s why when you open a video on any video streaming platform, it buffers or loads for a while, this is because parts of the video are loaded in that buffering or loading.

When you do online streaming and your Internet Connection is good, then there is no buffering in the middle because it keeps loading parts of the video already. But if you have Internet Connection Slow then it keeps buffering for a while because due to Connection Slow, it is unable to load the parts of the next video.

What Is The Difference Between Downloading And Streaming ?

The biggest difference between downloading and streaming is that if you download any video for free, then it can only watch that video after the downloading is completed whereas if you screen any video, you can watch it immediately. Huh. After downloading the video, a video player or media software is required to watch it, while video streaming can be viewed on any website or application.

Not only this, video downloading requires storage, whereas streaming does not require any storage. Streaming saves you time while downloading takes almost double the time. This is because both the time spent downloading and the time spent watching the video are included.

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