Men’s Fashion Trends: What to Wear on a Date?

Modern men’s fashion is changing very rapidly. Sometimes it’s not always possible to keep up with all the trends offered by designers. Men’s collections of 2018 are full of various shades, styles, silhouettes, and original prints. We will talk about this diversity in this article and try to understand modern trends of men’s fashion in 2018. But before you start reading it, look at online women profiles for choosing the one with whom you can go on a date.

The main trend of men’s fashion in 2018 is brutality. In 2018, a fashionable man should be more open to experiments than ever: he should wear clothes with large details, clear lines, and textured fabrics. Colors will be the main trend of the new season. Choosing clothes, you shouldn’t be afraid of bright colors anymore. Now you can wear contrast plaid and striped outfits. Black, gray, and blue are still popular. But designers gave a special place to red color in 2018. On the podiums, there are no lovely boys with slicked hairstyles and skinny trousers. It remains in the past and this is quite natural since the image of a real man is a manifestation of strength and confidence.

Popular fashion trends today

  • Street fashion. It is freestyle that dominates today on the podiums of London, Paris, and Milan. Street style is represented by two directions – everyday and sports. The basic thing of a wardrobe is outerwear. Your personal comfort and overall impression of the image depends on how competently it will be chosen.
  • Bright print. Forget about prejudice and choose plaid or striped outfits and clothes with a floral ornament or a geometric pattern.
  • Unusual fabrics. For the warm season of 2018, designers prepared unusual fabrics – corduroy, velvet.

Demi-season outerwear

In 2018, designers pay special attention to jackets made of leather, suede, wool, corduroy, and velvet. Quilted, biker, cowboy, and plaid jackets still remain popular. Today on the podiums, there is a contrast, color, juiciness. Monochrome remains in the past. Popular clothes, which combine different textured fabrics, are satin and corduroy, leather and velvet, knitwear and fur.

Trendy trousers

In spacious and loose silhouettes trousers, you can easily see the retro style, which was popular in the middle of the last century. Such models don’t constrain movements, give a sense of freedom and comfort. Designers recommend buying ankle-length trousers. You can choose low-waisted trousers if your body type is athletic. Men of short stature and dense constitution should choose models with a high waist.

Jeans trends on the podiums

This year, denim remains popular. The most popular trends are light-colored jeans combined with denim shirts of darker shades.

Trendy shirts

Shirts are always a winning part of a wardrobe especially if you work in an office. As for the current trends:

  • military style – a shirt from dense fabrics for cool weather;
  • classic white shirt, supplemented with a waistcoat is perfect for office;
  • marine theme is a definite hit of this season;
  • polo is the best choice for hot weather;
  • a shirt with a high collar that can be combined with white sneakers, light jeans, or shorts.

Vests of classic cut

In 2018, a vest of classic cut will become more popular than ever. By the way, it can be worn without a jacket. But it is especially good in a three-piece suit.

Trendy jackets

Bright colors and textured fabrics will give a jacket greater visibility. But since there is a controversy in the fashion of the last time, in the collections, you will see a free cut in the style of the 1980s that will be popular as well as fitted jackets.

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