5 New Features Going to Be Upgraded in Google Map

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5 new features are going to be upgraded in Google Map, know which new features will be available – In today’s time, Google Map has become an integral part of our life. Google Map is used to visit any new place and find new paths there. But now 5 new features are going to be upgraded, which will benefit you a lot. In the annual event of Google, information about 5 major upgrades of Google Map has been given. In this new upgrade, live traffic can be detected as well as congestion in hotels and restaurants. Now we are going to give you information about 5 new features to be upgraded in Google Map.

5 New Features Going to Be Upgraded in Google Map

1. Hard Breaking Moment will get rid of

The global route will be updated once again in Google Map. In this, information about low and hard breaking routes will be provided. Many times it happens that we are going on a route and there is no information about the jam there, due to which, braking suddenly occurs and this also increases the risk of getting accident. In the new upgrade of Google, all the routes will be updated well, due to which the traffic jam will be well informed.

Also, information on road confusions and road closures will also be available. At the present time it happens many times that we go to a road and it is closed from the front due to which problem arises. But this problem will also be resolved in the new upgrade of Google Map. In this, shorter routes will also be made more secure.

2. Indoor Gathering Live Information

Google Map is going to be an amazing feature upgrade, through which you can take live information of indoor gathering. In this, you can find live gathering in places like Hotel Train Station Airport Museum Public Place Restaurant Mall etc. Also, with the help of Google AR, accurate information about Street View will also be available. Not only this, all the street names will also be well told. Under this feature, Google will update the information of outdoor location of 100 countries in Google Map. At the same time, it will also suggest you to visit good places.

3. Detailed Information of Roots on Map

In addition to road information in the Google Map, information on crosswalks, sidewalks will also be made available. Apart from this, in which area wheelchair facilities are available, complete information can also be obtained about it. Currently, this feature of Google Map is available in many big cities, but by 2021, 50 other cities will be added to it.

4. Information About Hotles & Restaurant

In Google Map, you will also get a notification to visit Hotel Restaurant, Mall and Coffee House History. Google Map will send you notifications according to your daily activity and will give information about good places. For example, if you visit a hotel or restaurant, then you will be given a notification about similar good hotels and restaurants so that you can visit there. This will help you in searching good hotels and restaurants.

5. Information About Crowded Places Will be Found

Due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, people are avoiding going to the crowded place. In such a situation, Google Map will give you information about the crowded places. Not only this, it will also be suggested to follow social distancing. In time to come, you will be notified in advance about the congested areas by Google Map. Apart from this, if you are searching about any particular places, then also you will be told whether there is a crowd at that place or not.

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